Intended for use on twin-shock bikes with conventional (right way up) 43mm front forks and developed using the same technology you will find in our premium Cartridge kits, the NTF-43 TVT Forks also offer the high level of rider control, performance and comfort that have become the trademark of the Nitron product.


As with all TVT products, the damping control system consists of an adjustable compression cartridge for installation into the left fork leg and an adjustable rebound cartridge for the right fork leg. Both offer independent damping and pre-load adjustment via the uniquely styled fork top caps. In addition to this, a key feature of the TVT system is the third high speed damping valve incorporated into the compression cartridge. This valve is pre-set to react to high speed, hard edge bumps which would normally unsettle a well damped setup, especially when combined with hard braking and cornering forces. The result is a balance of performance, stability and compliance which give very high levels of rider confidence and ultimate control.


For the complete ‘stealth’ look, a fully black fork with the DLC coating on the stanchions is available at an extra cost.


For more details you can view/download the FTR-43 TVT Fork brochure here